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If you would like a private reading with me, my website details are in the comments section below x. Leo weekly reading for April May 5, Facebook ID: andi. Leo Weekly Tarot Reading 22ndth April !!

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Here is your May Monthly video I use a Leo - They haven't told you Wth is going on?! Check this number. So, to ensure you are buying yoghurt pots which can be recycled, only buy those which are accepted by your green bin. Apply the same rule to other plastic-packaged items. Many of the items you throw into your shopping trolley when getting your weekly groceries are packaged in plastic. You can put a lot - but not all - of this plastic packaging into your recycling bin.

Furthermore, while recycling is good, it still uses a lot of energy and other resources. So cut back on the amount of plastic-packaged items you buy. Getting your milk in reusable glass bottles - rather than in plastic cartons - is one way to reduce the amount of plastic food packaging you buy.

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It is not an option open to most of us yet but, in some areas, milk bottles are making a comeback. For example, Chris Maloney, owner of Ballymac Dairy in Co Kerry, delivers pasteurised, non-homogenised milk to about homes in Tralee. His milk - which is packaged in glass bottles - is also sold in a number of small post office shops, and in a few Centra and Spar stores in Kerry. The milk bottles are returnable and so are reused - which is important if you are switching to glass milk bottles to help the environment. Should you want to change to glass bottles, ask your local store if it - or a nearby outlet - sells them.

Some SuperValu stores sell milk in glass bottles. Buying your milk in glass bottles could be more expensive than buying it in plastic packaging - but it could still be a change you can afford to make. Be sure to do it right though - reuse your glass bottles for milk.

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Use a local milk man if getting your milk delivered, as the environmental footprint of a local delivery will usually be smaller than a long-distance delivery. Parents of school-going children can help the environment by buying reusable sandwich bags or reusable sandwich wrap - rather than wrapping sandwiches in cling film or plastic bags. You can buy either from a number of eco-friendly online shops such as littlegreenshop.

There will be an initial outlay - particularly if you have a few children - but as well as helping the environment, you will save on the cost of cling film and other disposable plastic packaging going forward.

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You can buy reusable beeswax sandwich wrap on earthmother. There is a reusable sandwich wrap on littlegreenshop.

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You can also buy reusable straws from either of these online shops. Check with your local shop too. Centra recently introduced an eco-range in more than 30 stores - which includes a beeswax sandwich wrap. In late August, SuperValu launched a trial range of eco-friendly products - including a beeswax sandwich wrap - in 12 of its stores.

In intuitive Pisces, the lunar lift will work best if you follow your heart more than your head, which will toss in doubts and fears and projections. For couples, the effect can rekindle sparks and bring your mojo back up to cruising speed.

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